What makes our site investigations different?
Our skilled team.

At William Hunt Consulting we have extensive experience in the subsidence and insurance sectors.

Our understanding of our clients’ needs ensures all relevant and important information is gathered and relayed. Our highly skilled site crews will work with client engineers or autonomously, based upon a client specification.


Premier 110 tracked rig – The majority of our investigations are completed with our tracked rig. Window and windowless sampling obtaining undisturbed soil samples at depths of up to 8.0m, together with dynamic probing of up to 20.0m, makes this an invaluable member of the site investigation team.

Portable window sampler – At sites with poor access or with limited space our portable window sampler is the perfect option. Using this equipment, undisturbed samples can be retrieved from up to 4.0m below ground level.

Hand auger – Where internal boreholes are required or on occasions where poor access and mechanical equipment cannot be used our hand augers are invaluable. These typically achieve a depth of between 3.0m and 4.0m.

CCTV drainage camera – Drainage surveys and pressure testing can be completed as part of a geotechnical site investigation or as a stand-alone service. Our CCTV cameras are able to record in digital format, allowing us to provide the client with a digitised copy of our findings as well as traditional hard copy reports. If repairs to a drainage system are required, we aim to complete these within one week of authorisation.

Assured quality in soil analysis and reporting.

Soil and root samples are sent to our partner laboratory for analysis and a comprehensive report is provided. In addition, our crews carry shear vanes and mackintosh probe equipment to allow us to give on-site indications of soil strength which, coupled with the laboratory findings, provide the end user with a clearer picture of the cause of the problem. At William Hunt Consulting we understand the importance of collating good evidence to support requests to third parties for mitigation or when pursuing a recovery.