Our task.

William Hunt Consulting were asked to provide a full mitigation report to determine if the adjacent trees were a factor of the ongoing movement present in the property.

Our innovative solution.

Time Saved – Over 12 months
Cost Saved – £110,000

Factors of the Mitigation report.

A number of investigations were carried out to provide a full overview of all possible factors relating to the property, including site investigation works, CCTV report, arborcultural report, as well as satellite monitoring data review.

Satellite monitoring.

Satellite monitoring data provides a window into past movement. Highlighting an individual property, the initial set of data can be uploaded. This data is then correlated against atmospheric pressure, cloud coverage and weather conditions to ensure that the actual movement noted is recorded.

The result.

An all encompassing mitigation report was provided outlining the soils information from the site investigation works, location and condition of the existing drainage system, understanding of the root identification within the trial pits and boreholes, as well as satellite data of the recorded movement of the property spanning the previous two years. This level of information within one single report, then provided our client with the information required to progress the claim.