Rethinking the approach to subsidence claims.

Frustrated with unacceptable yet unavoidable timescales attached to subsidence claims, we have taken matters into our own hands and developed a product that changes the landscape of the subsidence world.

The benefits.

Significantly reduced carbon footprint of investigations
Faster claim settlement
Lower complaint numbers
Reduced claim cost

Existing process.

For subsidence claims involving trees owned by third parties, the industry approach of obtaining a site investigation, an arboricultural report and 12 months monitoring is often the only option. With each claim setup to last over a year this inevitably sends them down a road of frustration, damage deterioration and complaints.

What is the Mitigation report?

Our Mitigation Report combines two significant benefits for all stakeholders:

  1. All investigation work is undertaken by us on one day minimising disruption to the policy holder. Ground investigations and the arboricultural elements are carried out on this visit.
  2. Monitoring data for the 12 months leading up to the claim is provided within the report, forming the third element of the Mitigation Report. This ground-breaking approach eliminates the need to monitor beyond the start of the claim.

How will it change the way subsidence claims are handled?

With monitoring data obtained from historic satellite images we are able to provide the 12 months monitoring that third parties demand at the outset of the claim as opposed to 1 year further down the line.