Our task.

William Hunt Consulting were asked to assist on a job where a substantial landslip had occurred in a garden, close to the insured property.

Understanding of the failure had been limited with fear that the slope failure was progressing and would soon threaten the stability of the property. We were asked to provide an initial assessment of the slope together with monitoring options.

Specialist service.

Inclinometers and piezometer 10m depth
Topographical ground survey
Geotechnical Report on the slope failure

Knowledge to proceed.

Assessment of slope stability
Understanding the cause and mechanism of failure
Provide clarity on liability decisions

What we did.

Inclinometers to a depth of 10m were installed on the slope together with a piezometer. A topographical survey of the site was also completed. The combined data from these installations and the topographical survey provided vital information on ground water levels, mechanism of failure and rate of movement. The equipment was installed within one day and monitored on a monthly basis for the following six months.

A Geotechnical Report on the slope failure was provided to the client on completion of the monitoring. This allowed the client to make an informed decision on liability and also provide advice on what type of stabilisation scheme would be the most appropriate.


  1. Improved understanding of ground conditions
  2. Greater knowledge of slope failure mechanism and triggers for movement
  3. Independent Geotechnical Report on causation
  4. Advice on stabilisation scheme