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Site investigations

We offer a rapid response to anywhere within the UK with our highly skilled site crews. Our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs ensures we get the information you need to progress your claims.

With our specialist equipment we are able to access even the most difficult locations and complete full investigations.

Our Premier 110 tracked rig is used on most of our site investigations obtaining disturbed or undisturbed samples up to 8m deep with our windowless sampler. In addition, this rig undertakes Dynamic Probing allowing the crew to obtain a profile of ground strength up to 20m deep.

Our most recent addition to the team is the Big Beaver. This rotary auger rig is regularly used for the installation of inclinometers and piezometers.

Where access is limited, our portable window sampler is the best option. With this we can obtain soil samples to a depth of up to 4m below ground level.

Our crews also have the option of using hand augers if access is tight or where we are unable to use mechanical equipment. These are ideal for investigations carried out internally.

To assist in the analysis of slope failures we are able to install inclinometers and piezometers to a depth of up to 10m. In addition, using the latest technology we can monitor our installations as often as is necessary.

Fully recorded drainage surveys can be completed as part of a geotechnical site investigation or as a standalone service. Click here for further information on our standalone drainage service.

Following our UKAS accredited laboratory analysis of soil and root samples, a full report is compiled and a clear picture of the cause of the problem is established. At William Hunt Consulting we know that obtaining the appropriate evidence at the right time is fundamental for our clients to successfully pursue third parties or seek a recovery.

Our services

Our highly skilled services include:

From ground investigations with highly qualified operatives and state-of-the-art equipment to innovative stabilisation schemes developed with our partner institutions, our team are ready to help.