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Compact Barrier

Here at William Hunt Consulting we understand how conventional root barriers can play a pivotal role in subsidence claims by creating a separation between trees and buildings. We also understand the frustration when poor access prevents the installation of a root barrier resulting in a prolonged claim and higher costs. In order to overcome sites with poor access, William Hunt Consulting have developed the Compact Barrier. By adopting the use of portable machinery and easy-to-transport materials we are able to install a root barrier in almost any location.

Our specially adapted auger rig is capable of forming a continuous trench to the desired depth in the tightest of spaces. If required, this rig can be carried through a house and into a back garden. The trench formed is then filled with a specially formulated mix designed to prevent the growth of tree roots through the barrier.

With the option to now install root barriers in locations that were previously deemed too awkward, we are confident we can help bring a swift conclusion to some of the logistically problematic subsidence claims. Furthermore, with the Compact Barrier there will be no need for protracted negotiations on tree removal or the resulting expensive and environmentally harmful underpinning schemes.

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From ground investigations with highly qualified operatives and state-of-the-art equipment to innovative stabilisation schemes developed with our partner institutions, our team are ready to help.