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Accelerated rehydration

We understand how frustration can set in on a subsidence claim when a tree is finally felled following months of negotiation only for ground recovery to take another year. This ground recovery relies on rainwater alone to rehydrate the soil following tree removal. At William Hunt Consulting we recognise this frustration and have developed a system to speed up the rehydration process taking months off the ground recovery phase.

Using our specially formulated fluid, we target desiccated clay at depth, directly below the foundations suffering from movement. Using this approach, we ensure that the most desiccated zones are treated with a constant supply of fluid providing a continual and controlled uplift for the building. Careful monitoring of the building throughout the process allows for minor adjustments to be made to the system to help keep the recovery timeframe to a minimum.

With ground recovery sped up by our Accelerated Rehydration system we see tree-related subsidence claims reduced by six to nine months. In addition to this, due to our data modelling, we can provide you with a date at which the system will be decommissioned. Ultimately, the time saving and planning afforded by Accelerated Rehydration provides assurance on timeframes and the ability to program works ready for when decommissioning happens.

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